Would you travel across the country to get the best value on a CT scan?

That is exactly what Travis did, and it saved him $3,500.

When Travis was scheduling his ninth CT scan in 5 years as part of his cancer follow up, he decided to take charge of the escalating bills. His specialist cancer team is based at MD Andersen Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, but going for scans within the hospital network was costing him $4000 dollars a time. He did some research, and found Tellica in Utah. He was delighted to find a transparent pricing system right there on the front page of the website, at a price that could not be matched in his home state. His cancer team were happy to accept quality scans from an external provider, and Tellica was able to offer the quality and expertise he needed, with the additional benefit of same day reports.

Travis scheduled his scan around a quick trip into Salt Lake City; he flew 1500 miles, saving himself more than $2 dollars per mile. Hear him talk about his experiences here.