When you experience a health concern, getting a clear and accurate diagnosis is crucial for guiding effective treatment and promoting a healthy recovery. Tellica Imaging is committed to being your partner in this process, offering a comprehensive suite of advanced imaging services tailored to a wide range of specialties.

Our team of experienced and compassionate professionals uses state-of-the-art imaging equipment and technology to provide detailed visualizations of the anatomy within your body. Tellica Imaging offers dedicated expertise in various specialty areas.

Neurological & Brain Conditions

Headaches, dizziness, memory lapses, or weakness are all symptoms that could point to a variety of neurological and brain conditions. At Tellica Imaging, we understand the importance of timely and accurate diagnosis for optimal neurological care.

Our state-of-the-art CT and MRI scanners play a vital role in revealing underlying issues within the brain and head, empowering providers to make informed treatment decisions. We will be your partner on the path to a comprehensive diagnosis and a healthier you.

CT scans and MRIs can diagnose most neurological and brain conditions. At Tellica Imaging, we use our imaging technology to investigate a wide range of these conditions.

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Musculoskeletal Conditions

The musculoskeletal system is the body's complex network of bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. It provides the body with the framework for movement, stability, and support, allowing you to perform everyday activities like walking, running, and lifting objects.

Symptoms like pain, stiffness, or weakness in your bones, joints, or muscles could point to a variety of conditions in your musculoskeletal system and extremities. At Tellica Imaging, we understand the frustration and limitations caused by musculoskeletal pain. 

Our team of experienced professionals uses advanced imaging techniques to help identify the underlying cause of your musculoskeletal concerns. We can help you get the accurate diagnosis you need to get back to the activities you love.

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Cardiovascular Conditions

At Tellica Imaging, we are committed to providing advanced imaging technology for accurate diagnosis of cardiovascular conditions. Our imaging tests empower providers to develop effective treatment plans for a variety of conditions that affect the heart and blood vessels. 

These cardiovascular conditions impact blood flow and can lead to serious complications. Therefore, maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system is crucial for your overall well-being.

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Abdominal Conditions

At Tellica Imaging, our team of experienced radiologists is skilled in interpreting abdominal scans and diagnosing a wide spectrum of conditions. The abdomen is home to a variety of vital organs, including the stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys, and reproductive organs. Any abnormalities with these organs can lead to a range of uncomfortable and concerning symptoms.

We offer advanced imaging technology like CT and MRI scans to provide your provider with detailed visualizations of your internal structures. This helps identify the underlying cause of your abdominal pain or other symptoms.

Our team of experienced radiologists is skilled in interpreting abdominal scans and diagnosing a wide spectrum of conditions.

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Tumors & Cancer-Related Conditions

Tumors are abnormal growths of tissue, and they can be classified as either benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). Early detection and diagnosis are crucial for managing both benign and malignant tumors effectively.

The presence of a lump or mass in your body can be a cause for concern. We are committed to providing you with timely access to advanced imaging technology and a team of experienced professionals dedicated to accurate diagnosis.

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Breast Screening

Breast screening plays a vital role in detecting a range of breast conditions, allowing for early intervention and appropriate management.

At Tellica Imaging, we offer comprehensive breast screening services with our advanced technology and team of compassionate professionals.

We understand that breast health is a top priority for many women and are dedicated to your comfort and well-being.

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Pediatric Imaging

When diagnostic imaging becomes necessary for your child's well-being, you want a facility that prioritizes both accurate results and a comfortable experience. At Tellica Imaging, we understand that a child's health is a top priority for every parent and guardian.

Tellica Imaging is dedicated to providing a safe and compassionate environment for all our young patients.

Our pediatric imaging services include both CT scans as well as MRIs for our young patients. CT scans can be helpful for evaluating bones, soft tissues, and blood vessels in children, while MRIs can be valuable for examining the brain, spine, and other internal structures. 

Tellica Imaging uses only fellowship trained pediatric radiologists for children 10-14 years of age who are specialized in their medical domain. This protects the health and safety of all patients, especially our smallest and most precious ones. 

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