Connection to Intermountain Health

Tellica Imaging was launched in 2021 with a focus on improving patient experience and making care more affordable. Tellica Imaging is a subsidiary of Intermountain Health

We operate as stand-alone outpatient imaging centers with transparent, flat-rate pricing for imaging services at easy-to-access locations. Tellica Imaging offers the same high-quality service standards you expect from Intermountain Health.

As a non-profit, Intermountain Health stands as a beacon of excellence in healthcare systems. It embodies a steadfast commitment to unparalleled quality and enduring value. Tellica Imaging delivers imaging services to the community based on a similar commitment to “helping people live the healthiest lives possible.”

Tellica Imaging, like Intermountain Health, ensures the consistent delivery of high-quality healthcare services while maintaining a sustainable cost structure. 

Non-Profit Health System

Intermountain Health is the largest non-profit health system in the Intermountain West. It comprises 33 hospitals, 385 clinics, and a distinguished Medical Group with around 2,600 employed physicians and advanced practice clinicians. It also manages a health insurance company called SelectHealth and other health services. 

Intermountain Health aims to address every healthcare need of the communities across Idaho, New Hampshire, Utah, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, and Kansas.

Central to Intermountain Health’s mission is a proactive approach to ensure patients can access expert caregivers, the most advanced technology, and the best treatment options. 

Tellica Imaging is a branch of this non-profit health system. It is also committed to serving patients and communities by providing extraordinary care and unparalleled service at affordable prices. 

Over 50 Years of Excellence

Established in 1975, Intermountain Health prides itself on a rich legacy of compassion and care that spans back to the late 1800s in Colorado and the early 1900s in Utah. Today, the system comprises over 60,000 dedicated people operating across 7 states in the interior West. Their collective mission is to serve the community with quality and compassion.

In 2009, President Obama acknowledged Intermountain Health for providing an exceptional standard of care, stating, "We have long known that some places, like Intermountain Health in Utah… offer high-quality care at a cost below average." 

This recognition underscores Intermountain Health’s continuous pursuit of providing top-quality healthcare services, including imaging services, while ensuring accessibility and affordability for all.

Supporting Healthier Communities

At Intermountain Health, the dedication to fostering healthier communities transcends the confines of hospital walls. Through a multifaceted approach, it has initiated several tailored health programs targeting diverse communities and educational institutions. 

They partner with numerous community agencies and organizations, facilitating educational programs and support initiatives. The outreach extends even further, ensuring that people residing in rural areas receive equitable access to essential healthcare services. 

Intermountain Health strives to empower people to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. One way it ensures this is through providing affordable imaging services at Tellica Imaging. 

Focus on Medical Care

Intermountain Health’s focus is on ensuring that everyone receives advanced, modern care without financial concerns affecting their treatment. Their goal is to ensure that those in need of medical care are not denied treatment or care because they do not have insurance or cannot pay. 

Therefore, Intermountain Health offers financial assistance to people who have received medical care in its clinics or hospitals. At Tellica Imaging, we accept major medical insurance to provide you with accessible and affordable imaging services. Tellica also offers customized, interest-free payment plans for patients if hardships exist — all you need to do is ask.

Transforming Healthcare & Awards Received

Intermountain Health is committed to transforming healthcare across the country to provide better health and high-quality care at more affordable costs. To ensure high-quality care for its patients, it promotes innovative, cutting-edge clinical research. 

The researchers at Intermountain Health have been involved in numerous studies across dozens of clinical specialties. National and local awards and rankings recognize its efforts to become a model health system by providing advanced, cost-effective care. 

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Tellica Imaging embodies the vision and values of Intermountain Health of serving the community by providing accessible and affordable imaging services. So that everyone can receive stress-free, high-quality imaging tests done to further their treatment.

Visit any of our locations, and our friendly staff can answer your questions and guide you through the scheduling process. To schedule an imaging test at any of our locations, please call us today.

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